Our Mission

From the first moment of creation, our mission has been clearly defined by a people-oriented mindset. And people-oriented means unconventional and environment-friendly. Which is why our mission is and always has been:

  • To always seek a deeper and more open understanding of the nature of beauty and form and to share the expression of that journey with our customers in a completely personal way. 
  • To provide bold unique jewellery for both men and women, allowing them to explore their self expression and individuality through thoughtful work that excells in both craftmanship and design. 
  • To experiment often, exploring the fusion of different cultures and aesthetics while always mantaining that raw, organic ‘bolivar’ feel, a timeless conversation between the ancient and the new. 
  • To always strive to support human and natural diversity and equality through diaologue, creativite expression and general business practice. 
  • To create jewellery that brings a sense of magic and depth to everyday life. 
  • To nurture a relashionship with our customer based on our highest aspirations, of inclusivity, sustainability, appreciation of human cultures in all their diversity, empathy, a feeling of connection to human history and to nature, and love for one another.