About us

With over a decade making bold & original jewellery,
we seek to offer a means for individual self expression through thoughtful works
that excel in both craftsmanship and design.

Exploring timelessness in craft, Bolivar Jewellery fuses ancient textures with contemporary forms,
creating comfortable jewellery that is expressive yet subtle

Our pieces are unique, adaptable and genderless, no two are wholly alike.

Maker's word

Human adornment permeates our cultures, it is a means of self expression that is almost intrinsic to us as a species. To some peoples, adornment is a marker of wealth; and in others it is a right of passage. It might connect us to a social group, or be precisely what sets us apart. My love and fascination for jewellery is as much in this complex language as it’s aesthetics.

I am a profound believer in bringing a sense of magic to the everyday. The expectation we have of ourselves to conform, appease, attract, impress others can often cause us to miss out on knowing our own true nature. It is through dreams, stories and honesty that we create the space to evolve as individuals, and through these moments shared we discover something greater within ourselves. There is a strange relationship between the vulnerabilities of the imagination when applied to self awareness and its immense kinetic power in each and every one of us.

I invite you to explore your imagination to it’s fullest, and to see those vulnerabilities to be the source of your greatest strengths. I also invite you to celebrate the magestic power of your own mind, and to recognise that it is in those mythical realms of your own imagination that the keys to our beautiful futures lie. If there is to be a meaning to my work, this is it.

The Team

Bolivar jewellery would not exist without the support
and hard work of many kind, talented and generous people.

This collection owes a special thanks to :

Photography – Justyna Neryng
Set design (product photos) – Delphine du Barry
Videography – Dave Clarke
Web/Design – Iva Troj // 22blocks
Gods & Goddesses – Leon, Lilith and Arthur, Fred, Momo, Sarah