Nord Collection

Honour your mythic self.

Explore the interplay of symbol, tone, nature and myth in this beautifully handcrafted collection.
Which is your god?



Are you Aegir?

‘O Aegir; vast and elemental giant,
knowingly holding the deepest of spaces…’

In the ambiguity of our shadows lies a deep wisdom and power only some are comfortable to face. To be in touch with your hidden depths is to embody the profound ocean mythology of Aegir.

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Are you Mimir?

‘Wise Mimir, guardian of nourishing sources;
to nurture all that lies within..’

Mimir is known as god of wisdom, memory and fate. He is in favour of peace and brings harmony.


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Are you Njord?

‘Njord, that singular power;
bold, bountiful and protective..’

Njord embodies the decisive and unswerving power of the wind, the thirst for adventure and the bounty of discovery. 

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Are you Freya?


‘O Freya, your warmth, like sunlight dancing over calm oceans;
to reflect love and joy’

Freya is the goddess of prosperity and is said to have a beauty and charm that is irresistible to all.

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Are you Saga?


‘Mystical Sága; to flow endlessly among us,
and somehow gently know all’

Saga is the goddess of history and poetry, the woven narratives of our world. She flows through all time and represents a powerful yet soft and gentle wisdom.

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Are you Ran?


‘O Ardent Rán;
your arrow’s path is fearless in flight’

Rán embodies the awesome force of the ocean’s unrelenting power, the mighty swell of it’s rising tides and the fearsome pull of it’s deepest currents.


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